NX-F Series

NX-F Series


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  • NX-F Series

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The NX-F series features new fiber laser technology, which takes laser processing to a new level of performance. The NX-F 3015 two-dimensional fiber laser processing system comes standard with a fiber laser resonator, z-axis linear drive, preset autofocus and a safety enclosure. The NX-F series features the new Mitsubishi 700 series control—the latest, most sophisticated control from Mitsubishi. It offers a step-by-step maintenance guide for easier user interface. The machine also features a multi-chamber dust-collection mechanism and a head position camera for material alignment, which allows the operator to make head adjustments—even if the work piece is far away. For more efficient operation, the NX-F series comes standard with an Eco Mode, which reduces cost during standby by up to 70 percent. • Zoomhead is standard on 6 kW model.

  • 3015NX-F
  • Rapid Travel
  • Speed (X, Y) in(m) 6680 simultaneous (170)
  • Wkpc Dimensions: in (mm) 120.1 x 60.0 (3050 x 1524)
  • Processing Rate: in (m) 2360 (60)
  • Oscillator: YLS-2500 / 4000 / 6000
  • Dimensions in W x D x H (mm) 408.3 x 116.2 x 88.6
  • (10,371 x 2951 x 2250)
  • ZOOM Fiber Option YES

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